Stakeholder Engagement

Nord Stream 2 sees stakeholder engagement as a key element of the environmental and social performance of the Project. Transparent, proactive and respectful dialogue with affected and interested stakeholders commenced from the early stages of the Project. Nord Stream 2 is committed to continue building constructive relationships through the pipeline operations. 

Responsibility for implementing the SEPs is assigned to designated company representatives and experts at the country level, who manage the dialogue between the Company and third parties. During the permitting process, extensive and inclusive consultations took place with various groups of stakeholders who could be affected by or were interested in the Project. All received comments were documented and passed on to the relevant company experts for response. During the construction phase of the Project, Nord Stream 2 is continuing its efforts to keep stakeholders informed on the developments. Nord Stream 2 consults with stakeholders on environmental and social matters and is also establishing partnerships with experts and NGOs to implement various initiatives as part of Environmental and Community Initiative Strategy in Russia.

Stakeholder Engagement Plans are live documents – they are reviewed regularly and updated as needed. SEPs will be updated for operation phase of the Project. 

Comments or grievances on the project are managed through a formal grievance mechanism that is defined in the procedure provided below, and summarised within each country SEP, also linked below. This grievance mechanism will be maintained during the operation phase of the pipeline.

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