Environmental & Social Monitoring

Nord Stream 2 is undertaking a range of environmental and social (E&S) monitoring and oversight activities during construction.

The overall purpose of these activities is to ensure:

  • That E&S impacts are maintained to acceptable levels as predicted through the ESIA process
  • Compliance with national permits
  • Compliance with project standards
  • Compliance with the E&S controls (see the E&S Management page)
  • That reinstatement and/or habitat offset (see Biodiversity Action Plan) objectives are met
  • That corrective and/or adaptive management actions are implemented to maintain compliance with all project E&S compliance requirements. These include:
    • Preventative action (for example monitoring of wastewater prior to discharge to the environment)
    • Acting on monitoring data in real time to ensure that impacts remain within approved limits (for example, turbidity levels are monitored continuously during certain seabed intervention and construction activities, which are adjusted to keep turbidity within specified limits)
    • Corrective action to rectify any identified non-compliance or unplanned impact

To achieve these aims, different types of monitoring/oversight are undertaken during the construction period, including:

  • Environmental field-based monitoring in the form of:
    • Monitoring emissions and discharges to the environment
    • Environmental quality monitoring
    • Socio-economic / cultural monitoring related to:
        • Commercial Fisheries
        • Grievance management and reporting (undertaken in line with Nord Stream 2's Grievance Mechanism Procedure)
        • Road condition monitoring
        • Underwater cultural heritage surveys
  • Audits/inspections and incident reporting to ensure compliance with implementation of E&S controls

The precise scope and details of the construction phase monitoring programme have been developed by Nord Stream 2 through review of the potential sources of, pathways for and receptors of construction related E&S impacts as defined through the Environmental and Social Assessment process. This programme also reflects monitoring requirements specified with national approvals and permits. 

An overall summary of the results of Nord Stream 2's monitoring and oversight programme is provided annually during the construction phase and these will be provided on this portal as they become available. In addition, country-specific monitoring reports are also required by national regulators. The scope and frequency of these monitoring reports are prescribed in agreement with relevant national authorities and are specific to each country. The scope of national monitoring programmes is described in the following documents, while monitoring result reports are available on our corporate website.

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